Chelsea Almazan
Chelsea Almazan




Remedy is an on the go cough drop in which a person can carry their cough drops in a fun, sustainable, recyclable, and reusable package design. The consumer would be able to take out the cough drops, the same way someone could take out gum in the small individual casing.  The overall point was to seek out an item between the budget of $1-$5 that had packaging that could be recycled  and be sustainable by a certain percentage. Reusability was an added bonus.

Price Point and Problem

HEB was the point of purchase on the endeavor of seeking an item. With multiple varieties and brands, HEB Cough Drops packaging was done  with a plastic bag that wasn't recycle friendly and only the overall usage with a 50:50 ratio cough drops to air. 




  1. Reduce the original packaging to something more simple, recyclable, and sustainable while rebranding the identity. 

  2. Find reusability for the packaging once the consumer has finished its use with the product.


Not only being inspired by Pinterest, but by nature as well. 
In  historical research,  the use of honey has been an added ingredient for an extended long time and continues to be of use today. With the issue of the honeybee being an issue of going endangered, the idea of recreating packaging and rebranding, but also raising awareness to people who are unaware of the situation at hand. 



Remedy was the rebranding name rather than just keeping the standard of HEB Cough Drops. Since cough drops are used to aid in coughs and sore throats, Remedy felt a good fit as it also had six letters with one letter that would be placed on each petal of the packaging. 


Color Palette



The prototype that would be used is the Flower Power packaging in which it would be held together in a hexagonal flower shape that would carry cough drops the same way a consumer would have gum carriers.  This design was inspired by incorporating the idea of the hexagonal beehive honeycomb with flowers to create a fun and unique packaging. 

Second try, the petals were widened and the following folding and unfolding was a success When thinking of the gum dispenser, the use of doll eyes coated in spray paint to emulate .a small dispensor in which the cough drops would be placed in and could easily pop out of when the consumer was ready for use.

Below is what the packaging would be with the cough drops inside. Using baby doll eyes and spray painting over them made a perfect use as a mock up for cough drops to dispense the same way a consumer would for gum.


Asset 8hdpi.png

Final Prototyping

After finalizing the overall design, the colors were inspired by a color palette found on Pinterest to give a bright appearance to the packaging, but not too overwhelming.  The hexagonal pattern replicates  a beehive as the flavoring to the cough drops have honey within them. 

The following main flavors for Remedy are Honey Lemon, Cherry Vanilla, and Cool Mint. 

Photography by Taylor Garcia