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Chelsea Almazan

Little Fox Tea

Little Fox Tea


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Little Fox Tea is a tea and coffee house in Sacramento, California in which young adults come to relax, work, or read in a cozy environment. Unlike other places such as Starbucks, the customer is able to pick a book off the shelf and rest in a comfortable nook area where they can escape reality for a little while. Additionally, if a group of students needed a study group, Little Fox Tea is the place to be as it has quiet areas of study while having the most refreshing loose leaf teas, sandwiches, and pastries.



The company is still in its kickstarter phase and therefore has no brand nor means of any key communications to get across to consumers.


Having a strong brand identity while having elements of  stationary, merchandise, and advertising.

Research / Process

Keeping the title for Little Fox Tea was going to be a small challenge as trying to integrate a fox and tea together. Therefore wanting to keep the details in the design was crucial and researching the look and feel of tea leaves was necessary as follows.


Little Fox Tea's brand needed to have a clean illustration logo and type to keep a fun yet sophisticated appearance. 

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 Paper Systems 

Store Sign and Interior

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