Chelsea Almazan
Chelsea Almazan


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Project Overview

This Spring project was to find a spice, coffee, or cocoa in which the task was to remake the overall package design and refining the packaging to being recyclable, reusable, or sustainable. 


Spices are everywhere nowadays as grocery stores have multiple brands to choose from with the same plastic containers to use for packaging.  The main issue for this case study was to have something branded and packaged unique for the consumers. 


The origin for spices dates back to India for its Spice Trade. Therefore, the idea of branding came down to relation to India and looking thoroughly into its culture.When deciding upon what source materials, there was multiple details from tapestries to the deities in the religion.  Devata refers to "the gods" in Hindu and was the start of a new spice packaging for this case study.




Prototyping and Process


Designing for Devata was explored through the culture of India from its clothing to tapestries, to small details of their gods. The designs that would go into the packaging was carefully considered and narrowed down to Kali, Shiva, and Ganesha as they had unique characteristics of their own. Between their original portrayal and combining tapestry designs, the final outcome was to balance ornamentation with similar design to keep them unified. 

Inner Packaging Design


Outer Packaging

Final Output

Photography by Taylor Garcia