Chelsea Almazan
Chelsea Almazan


I am inimitiable, I am an original - Aaron Burr (Hamilton)  

I'm an imitable, I'm an original - (Aaron Burr - Hamilton)

I am an upcoming graduate of Texas State University with a BFA in Communication Design. Ready to create, learn, and coexist with other like-minded designers.  

Design has officially become a part of my everyday life, from the moment I wake up in the morning, till the minute I go to sleep. I am passionate about branding, package design, and illustration, and I am ready to spread my wings into the world to show such skills. 

I consider myself a work in progress, as I still find new things about design, and can dwindle into the wee hours of the morning reworking on design.  When not at work, I enjoy going on cinematic adventures, reading, doing SFX makeup, listening to broadway musicals, voice acting, and being a fur mother to my precious poodle and pomeranian.



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